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So Prayer Flags.

Martha had some prayer flags in her magazine...I think they were for party decor...anyway, I made some out of fabric scraps. I decided to spruce up my Chicken's bedroom window..

Simple to make, just sew stuff together. I used some felt as the back-bone of each flag so they would hang straight...

Seam binding and a zig-zag stitch across the top...

Praying is controversial..I have no idea what prayers these will hold for my daughter, but if they were hanging in my room, this is what they might look like on any given day. Don't judge.


Yah..I went to Comic-con..

I had the opportunity to tag a long with my friend who is in the industry to Comic-con yesterday. I'm a third generation San Diegan, and I have never in an effort to bring myself out of my humidity induced, summer-time art funk, I went along for the ride.

The people who are waiting on line at Comic-con are very upset about waiting in line.. I on the other hand, did not wait on line for anything and just cruised the convention floor.. everyone was very polite and I found the atmosphere very hospitable. It was a fun day people watching and looking at all of the artwork. I picked up a few zines and a stuffed, "Mr. Toast" (I will admit that toast is one of my favorite what could be so bad about that?) for Kate..

There are a lot of things that you cannot "un-see" that you see at Comic-con....I will spare you those photos.

Have a good week!


Monsoon and Clouds.

In San Diego we are having a dark, gray's warm (not hot) and humid..looks like we will have some warm rain later his afternoon.. It's a good day to fire up netflix and listen to documentaries.. I was cleaning up computer files and came across this happy graphic- I like the contrast of the graphic with the weather outside:

Class samples from our Mixed Media Melange open.

I'm not a bit of flux......more soon.



Flashdance; 2009

flashback to a 09/09 journal page...

This morning, Carol W. is waking up to a nice $60 Dick Blick gift certificate in her inbox... and a lucky newsletter subscriber will win $40 on the 18th. Do you get my newsletter? It's worth a shot to enter, don't you think? Look in your spam folder and make sure you click on the link from the 07/02 newsletter to enter. Good luck! There are more Sweepstakes Summer events coming next month!